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6 Simple Ways To Ensure You Do Not Lose Your Car Keys

Quite a number of people find themselves locked out of their cars because of a number of reasons, the prime one being that cannot find their keys. Here are six easy ways to help you manage keeping your car keys intact.


Keep them in a Safe Place: Reaching for the set of keys in is quite a nuisance. Instead, if you keep the keys in an easy to locate place in the purse, you will never have to fiddle around or even lose the set. By compartmentalizing, it makes finding the set easier.


Treat Keys Differently: The keys for your home must never be on the same set as the car keys. It may seem like the ideal choice, but imagine if you are locked out of the car, you also get locked out of your home as well. Ergo, keep both in a separate slot.


Make a Set of Duplicates: This is a simple choice, which is a given, but if you were to make a couple of duplicates when buying the car, it would be the ideal solution. It may cost a trifle extra, but down the line, it is quite practical.


Enable a GPS Tracker: This is definitely something worth considering, which is quite convenient today, as the GPS tracker can locate your missing keys. Companies that offer this service are the ideal choice. The process is to register the items, tag them and if lost, the agency will be able to track the set letting you know where the keys are located.


Call in the Dealership: When you know how much a new set of car keys cost, chances are that this haphazard attitude will change. Calling in the dealership to make a new set is heavy on the purse. Locksmiths definitely offer a cheaper rate, but the point is to find a solution to stop losing your car keys!


Download an App: Technology is evolving as the days go by and every single mega second there is a new app or gadget doing the rounds. Using this to your advantage, you can download an app that provides you with stickers that help in finding lost items. You place the sticker on the set of keys and the app pages the sticker – you find the keys sooner than later.


The six simple ‘rules’ cited above are pretty workable and not that difficult to incorporate. There are fun ways to make sure that you do not slouch when it comes to your set of keys. Aside from being vigilant, which always pays, a workable solution will stick.

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